Himalayan salt – 500 grams

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Helps reduce the amount of salt in food – Improves digestion



Himalayan salt

What is Himalayan salt?

Pink Himalayan salt is extracted mainly in Pakistan, from the Salt Range mountains near the Himalayas, and it is one of the rock salts.. it acquired its pink color due to the presence of impurities in it, and the color of Himalayan salt can range from light pink to dark pink..

it is worth noting that Himalayan salt is similar to regular salt in taste, except that it is characterized by being subject to fewer refining processes, and doesn’t contain additional substances such as those added to regular salt, which makes himalayan salt more natural than regular table salt.

The following are the most prominent features of Himalayan salt:

Reducing the amount of sodium in food

Because of its taste, which is more salty than regular table salt, a person may be able to get the same degree of saltiness that he gets when using regular table salt, but using only a small amount of Himalayan salt, which helps to reduce the amount of sodium that is eaten daily.

Improves digestion

By adding Himalayan salt to food, it may help improve digestion, as this salt contributes to stimulating the production of some important enzymes inside the stomach, such as: amylase enzyme, which is an enzyme in the stomach that helps in digesting proteins in particular.

Body hydration

It moisturizes the body and prevents dehydration, as it contains sodium, which is necessary to maintain the balance of body fluids.

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