Organic Coconut Oil – Extra Virgin – 500 ml

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Zero trans fats – Great for weight loss and slimming – Zero carb – Suitable for keto diet followers, high blood pressure and diabetes patients – Safe for children – Very strong in eliminating stomach H-pylori germ – Vegetarian – Free of animal derivatives (Seyamy)




Organic Coconut Oil – Extra Virgin

Virgin coconut oil.. has the original taste of coconut, extracted by cold pressing and packaged in its form, in order to obtain the largest amount of vitamins and nutritional benefits necessary for the body

Suitable for keto dieters, vegetarians, diabetics, children and athletes
Suitable for fasting (Doesn’t contain any animal products)

Benefits and properties of organic coconut oil:

 Natural 100% .. No artificial flavors or taste additives, and hasn’t been subjected to any chemical treatment
Great for weight loss and slimming, as it is very rich in saturated fats, which enhance the feeling of fullness and satiety , it also provides the body with energy and vitality
Anti-bacterial, helps strongly eliminate stomach H-pylori germ
Supports the immune system, as it works to resist some diseases, especially colds, influenza, and urinary tract infections
Contains Vitamin C, Zinc and Omega 3
Completely free of carbohydrates, which helps in the treatment of diabetes
It stimulates insulin production and reduces levels of insulin resistance in the body
It stabilizes blood sugar levels, and stimulates the body to make better use of blood glucose
Very useful during fasting, as saturated fats slow down the digestion process, so it can be used in Suhoor where food remains in the stomach for a long time
 A spoon on an empty stomach helps lower blood pressure for high blood pressure patients
Improves thyroid function
A spoon before bed enhances the feeling of energetic upon waking up in the morning

Anti-aging and osteoporosis
Rinsing with coconut oil for a few minutes helps kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay, gum infections and dental calcifications, so it keeps the teeth healthy
Reducing the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease, as Alzheimer’s patients cannot use glucose as a source of brain energy

it’s recommended to use coconut oil in moderate quantities, two or three tablespoons throughout the day is very sufficient

How to use coconut oil:

 A spoonful on an empty stomach in the morning after waking up and a spoonful before bed
A spoonful of coconut oil on a cup of tea or a cup of hot coffee every morning and enjoy the taste

 A small amount can be used to fry all kinds of vegetables, meat, chicken, fish or eggs
As a substitute of butter and vegetable oil, Coconut oil will be great to be used to grease chicken, meat, and fish before adding seasonings

it can be added to smoothies, milk or salads, non-baked desserts, and seasoning mixes
it can also be used to make popcorn

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